We would like to THANK the Reno community for the incredible show of love and support at our Grand Opening celebration! This event was successful beyond our wildest dreams!

In the 50+ year history of our family’s Roberto’s Taco Shop restaurants, this is the first time that we had such a HUGE turnout (we served over 600 people between 8am and 6pm) that we literally RAN OUT OF FOOD and had to temporarily close the doors!!! Oh my goodness!!! lol!

In order to serve you better:

• Our current hours of operation (8am-8pm) will be expanded soon, and we will become a 24-hour restaurant!

• Our “99¢ Wednesday Chicken Taco Day” special will also be available soon to our Reno customers.

Both of these will happen in the next couple of weeks. Please stay tuned for further announcements.

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